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The SSG Advantage
The Sampling & Sourcing Advantage...

Savings ¨C The fact is that SSG can save you considerable amounts of money without any sacrifice of service or quality. China has no match anywhere in the World in terms of flexibility, cost-efficiency and-- increasingly since its succession into the WTO-- the most technically advanced ISO certified print production facilities to be found anywhere in the world. Beyond the cost savings, Working with CPS you will specifically benefit from the following:

Communication¨C Your single point of contact will be a native English speaker reachable by Phone, Fax, E-mail or Skype every step of the way. Print quotations are generally provided within 2 business days. Timelines are spelled out clearly in project management documents. Updates are given regularly so you know exactly what to expect. Should you have any inquiries at any time, you can reach us just as if we're printing down the block.

Control¨C With CPS, you have a choice of Computer-to-Plate (CTP) color separation with digital proofing, or Computer-to-Film (CTF) color separation. This is a major advantage over domestic processes, where generally only one choice is available, and where author¡¯s changes or re-proofs tend to be quite expensive. The flexibility to choose from a range of possible solutions, and make changes on the fly without a giant upcharge are hallmarks of the China Printing advantage. Whichever separation and proofing method you choose, proofs will be Fed-Exed to you shortly after we commence the job¡ªusually a day or two after we get the green light. You¡¯ll have the opportunity to ask questions, request changes, or see proofs on alternate paper choices. If you have author¡¯s changes you would like for us to implement, we generally are able to offer new separations and proofs at little to no charge. (Where many changes are required, we will act to provide them quickly and at minimal cost.) If you find any problems whatsoever other than discretionary author¡¯s changes or designer file errors, we will of course execute them at no charge.

If your project has unusual or particularly demanding specifications, we will often send additional unfinished proofs at various points in the production process, to keep you abreast of options and assure the final product is of optimum result.

Quality ¨CMost of our production facilites are ISO certified plants using state-of-the art German, Swiss and Japanese of presses, cutting, binding and finishing equipment.

Our meticulously trained Quality control staff produce a detailed quality report with more than 40 individual inspection criteria,which we Fed-Ex along with a set of completed production samples for your pre-approval before the goods even leave the factory floor. Packed in heavy-duty, double-walled corrugated export cartons for shipping, we photograph your shipment on pallets as it makes ready for transit, assuring you that all measures have been taken to ensure a beautiful result.

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